Elevating Your Sales: Keys to Success in the Sales World

Online - WebEx TX, United States

This is a webinar titled "Elevating Your Sales", where we will explore two fundamental pillars for the success of the modern seller. Firstly, we will discuss the importance of having a "vitamin person, in your professional life”: someone who supports you in achieving your goals and is there during challenging times. We will learn how to cultivate strong and supportive relationships that drive your development as a seller. Secondly, we will delve into the art of becoming a true sales professional. You will discover strategies and techniques to prepare yourself and understand the sales process, as well as to authentically connect with your target audience.
We invite you to learn with us to acquire the necessary tools and achieve success in the competitive world of sales.

Entrepreneurial Resources that Matter

Online - WebEx TX, United States

Are you a small business owner looking for ways to grow your venture? Do you want to learn about the resources available in the Dallas Ecosystem to help you scale your business? If so, join us for this workshop where we will cover:
- Where to find funding, training, networking, and other opportunities in the Dallas Ecosystem.
- How to overcome the common challenges of scaling a small business, such as hiring, marketing, and managing cash flow.
- Why mentorship is important for small business owners and how to find a mentor who can guide you.

Build Your Personal Brand, Grow Your Business!

Online - WebEx TX, United States

Personal branding is the process of creating and communicating a unique identity that showcases your value, skills and personality. In this workshop, you will learn how to define your brand attributes, differentiate yourself from others in your field, and leverage the power of AI to market the brand called you. You will also discover the difference between personal branding and influencer marketing, and how to use both strategies effectively to grow your business.

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