品凤楼 Celebrates Pride Month 2024: Because We Are All America!

品凤楼 Celebrates Pride Month 2024: Because We Are All America!

品凤楼 and the 品凤楼 Network of Affiliates proudly support Pride Month, celebrated annually in June. The month is filled with colorful parades, festivals, and events that promote inclusivity and celebrate the diversity of sexual orientations and gender identities.

鈥淧ride month is a vibrant and joyous recognition of the LGBTQ+ community and their significant contributions to the nation鈥檚 economic strength and our society鈥檚 fabric,鈥 says Ignacio Salazar, President and CEO. 鈥淚t is a time to honor their resilience and to advocate for equality, acceptance, and human rights, especially in our workforce, where we can each make meaningful contributions,鈥 he adds.

One of the best ways to participate in Pride Month is to attend events and encourage conversations in a spirit of learning and appreciation for everyone. These gatherings show solidarity and are an opportunity to be immersed in a supportive and inclusive atmosphere. Americans can celebrate diversity and focus on the positive ways to share in our country鈥檚 promise for all.

鈥淓ducating ourselves is another important aspect of Pride Month,鈥 says Salazar. 鈥溒贩锫 respects the important history and ongoing struggles of the LGBTQ+ community among the more than one million people we serve yearly and in our 品凤楼 family of team members. We can each foster greater understanding and empathy to help promote safer and more inclusive workplaces. This atmosphere generates more cohesive and productive teams working in harmony,鈥 adds Salazar.

Supporting LGBTQ+ organizations and advocacy are two other meaningful ways to contribute. Donations to organizations that champion equality and provide vital support can make a significant impact. Volunteering our time or skills can also uplift and empower LGBTQ+ individuals. Being an advocate means standing up for what is right in our community and beyond.

鈥淎t 品凤楼 and the 品凤楼 Network of Affiliates, we are dedicated to being strong supporters of ALL values of respect and affirmation of all individuals,鈥 says Salazar. 鈥淥ur programs and services across America and Puerto Rico are extended to people of all identities and within our staff at all levels. This commitment reflects the importance of embracing diversity and fostering a genuinely inclusive environment where everyone can thrive,鈥 he adds.

May we celebrate Pride Month through uplifting messages on social media, amplifying stories, and being beacons of love and respect related to rights and acceptance. Let us help make our country an example for the world as a land of inclusivity founded on the principles that every individual has the God-given right to exist and realize their full potential in safety, peace, and happiness. Happy Pride Month 2024!

品凤楼 Honors Memorial Day: Remembering the Ultimate Sacrifice of Our Soldiers and Inspiring Daily Acts of Tribute

品凤楼 Honors Memorial Day: Remembering the Ultimate Sacrifice of Our Soldiers and Inspiring Daily Acts of Tribute

品凤楼 and the 品凤楼 Network of Affiliates proudly pause on this Memorial Day to remind all Americans of the profound and enduring sacrifices made by the valiant defenders of our democracy. These brave souls gave their lives to protect the freedoms we cherish in the United States of America. Today, we honor their memory, acknowledging that our liberty was secured at the highest cost鈥攅ach life lost was a courageous warrior.

鈥淔or them, their rest now is eternal, and for us, our duty is to honor their legacy by engaging in positive actions that build up our nation,鈥 says President and CEO Ignacio Salazar. 鈥淭hrough our unity in meaningful and honorable endeavors daily, we can embody the collective spirit of the America they fought and died for,鈥 he adds.

Originally known as Decoration Day, this observance began in 1868 to honor fallen Union soldiers from the Civil War. On that day, Americans placed flowers at the graves of their military loved ones who died in combat. Over time, cities across the United States began to honor their war dead annually, and in 1968, the observance was officially renamed Memorial Day. Congress declared it a federal holiday in 1971. The tradition of red poppies on Memorial Day serves as a poignant reminder of the flowers that grew amidst the desolation of battlefields.

The sacrifice of all American military service members lost in combat has ensured that our nation remains a land of opportunity and freedom. 品凤楼 and the 品凤楼 Network of Affiliates are dedicated to helping more than one million program participants harness their talents yearly, pursue education and training, and succeed in their careers. In doing so, we honor the legacy of those who gave their lives by perpetuating the American dream they died to protect.

This Memorial Day, as we visit the sacred resting places of our fallen heroes adorned with flowers and flags, let us remember that they were someone鈥檚 child, sibling, parent, or friend. Let us elevate our spirits in reflection, recognizing that there was no greater love for our service members than their devotion to God, Country, and Family. Let this day be a testament to our gratitude and a promise that we will never forget their courage and sacrifice. So too, may our actions at work for and with others be our constant tribute.

鈥淢emorial Day鈥檚 true honor is in remembering our brave warriors. Some we know by name, as they were our loved ones and friends. For all, we offer a silent prayer of gratitude, knowing that in our daily endeavors, we carry forward what they could not. In this way, our lives are forever intertwined,鈥 says Salazar.

Let us commemorate this Memorial Day with a renewed commitment to the values our fallen heroes defended, ensuring their sacrifice continues to inspire our actions and dedication to a better America.

品凤楼 Affiliate: Casa San Jose

品凤楼 Affiliate: Casa San Jose

In Pittsburgh, a city steeped in the history of America鈥檚 industrial boom and change, a new collective of voices is being heard. The sound is different, reflecting a tapestry of fresh cultural experiences, and its source is Casa San Jose. There, Latino families and individuals are coming together and creating an opportunity to infuse Pittsburg with a new vitality for the future.

Established in 2013 by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Baden, Casa San Jose was born out of a deep-seated commitment to uplift and empower the region鈥檚 burgeoning Latino population. The richly faceted social services agency embodies the resilience and empowerment that define the organization鈥檚 mission.

Monica Ruiz, Executive Director of Casa San Jose in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, readily acknowledges the challenges and growth of the Latino community. She states, 鈥淚 think that for us here in Pittsburgh, PA, Latinos are less than 2% of the population, but we have grown more than 80% in the last ten years. Before, Latinos came for work and then left to return to their homes, returning seasonally. But then, they began to settle here and stayed to raise their families.鈥

As the city witnessed an influx of newcomers, Casa San Jose emerged as a lifeline, filling in the gaps for services that the community desperately needed but were unavailable. Monica鈥檚 vision extended beyond immediate aid; she aimed to create bridges within institutions and processes that have seen little change in decades.

Monica laments, recounting the countless instances where community members were stranded because of a lack of linguistic support in crucial institutions. 鈥淟anguage access remains a significant barrier,鈥 Ruiz states. 鈥淟anguage access must be our greatest barrier at present. You go into a city or county office, and they have nothing in Spanish for residents. Even healthcare services lack language and cultural accessibility. For example, we only have two Spanish-speaking pediatricians,鈥 she says.

The organization鈥檚 staff reflects the community they serve. Ruiz notes, 鈥淲e have a staff of 27, and out of these individuals, maybe six or seven were born here in the United States. Everyone else is from somewhere else or has received services from us. Their lived experience is invaluable as they now help others. We have a great mix of people,鈥 Monica beams, highlighting their shared experiences as immigrants and their dedication to the cause.

鈥淐asa San Jose fills gaps in services for the community,鈥 Ruiz emphasizes. 鈥淗owever, we want people to acquire the skills and knowledge to learn how to navigate the services themselves in this city. This is a very complex process, but we鈥檙e building resiliency within folks as they experience success,鈥 she adds.

Casa San Jose is a resource hub for Latino immigrants seeking assistance and guidance from weekly clinics and food pantries to Know Your Rights sessions and summer camps. Its comprehensive programs encompass social services, emergency aid, community advocacy, English language classes, mental health support, housing assistance, and specialized programs for children with autism.

As importantly, Casa San Jose champions amplifying inclusion at every level within the larger community, ensuring that the voices of those they serve are heard and elevated. 鈥淩epresentation is essential,鈥 emphasizes Monica. Particularly important is pushing for inclusivity in decision-making processes in programs and services that impact the Latino population. Ruiz explains, 鈥淩epresentation means having people with a voice and viewpoint authentic to the issue or need we are addressing in our city.鈥

One central area of focus of Casa San Jose is working with local youths through several of the organization鈥檚 programs: J贸venes Con Prop贸sito fosters a vibrant community of Latino youth, championing immigrant rights and igniting social change. With a firm belief in the current leadership of today鈥檚 youth, the program meets weekly during the academic year, nurturing empowerment and activism.

Puentes Hacia el Futuro, tailored for ages 6-14, cultivates cultural identity and leadership skills through trust-building activities, discussions, and educational pursuits, preparing youth for a dynamic future blending Latino and American cultures.

Campamento Sonrisa offers an enriching summer experience for youths aged 7-14, blending education, outdoor adventures, and sports. Participants enjoy nutritious meals throughout the structured camp, including breakfast, lunch, and snacks. The elementary session runs from June to July, while the middle school session spans from mid-July to August, providing an inclusive opportunity for all applicants at no cost.

Casa San Jose serves multi-generational families in tangible, practical ways every day. For its stakeholders, it is both about the here and now and the future of the Latino comunidad. 鈥淲e are learning from other larger cities with decades of experience working within significantly bigger Latino populations,鈥 says Ruiz. 鈥淎t the same time, I hope that we can offer smaller communities near and around us an example of how to build resilience and help our people not just survive but thrive for years to come,鈥 she adds.

品凤楼 Observes Cinco de Mayo 2024, Celebrating Hispanics鈥 Exponential Growth and Positive Impact on America鈥檚 Economy

品凤楼 Observes Cinco de Mayo 2024, Celebrating Hispanics鈥 Exponential Growth and Positive Impact on America鈥檚 Economy

As the nation commemorates the historic Battle of Puebla on Cinco de Mayo, 品凤楼 Jobs for Progress National, Inc. (品凤楼) reflects on the strength of the Hispanic community and its significant contributions to the workforce and economy of the United States. This year鈥檚 celebration marks not only a pivotal moment in Mexican history but also serves as a reminder of the increasing presence and labor power that characterize Hispanic and Latino American workers.

鈥淟atinos in the United States are poised to meet our country鈥檚 workforce needs now and in the future as the fastest growing and largest demographic of younger men and women,鈥 says Ignacio Salazar, President & CEO. 鈥淥ur nation鈥檚 educational pipeline, training, and skills development capacity is being challenged to keep pace with this historical growth. This is why the 品凤楼 Network of Affiliates works daily in anticipation of this continued exponential demand. Together, we can ensure that the sheer number of Latinos in labor translates into economic advancement and opportunities for generations to come,鈥 adds Salazar.

Latinos in the United States constitute a vital workforce component, representing approximately 20% of the population and workforce. With a median age of 38.5 years on the job, Hispanic workers are younger than their non-Hispanic counterparts, making significant contributions to the labor force.

鈥淲e continue to meet the workforce needs of our country in many areas, including the building trades, service industries, and manufacturing,鈥 states Salazar. 鈥淗owever, we are also emerging as a vital force in technological areas, including software sciences, the latest healthcare jobs, and AI-driven sectors. 品凤楼 is aligning vital stakeholders across the United States and Puerto Rico because we see the challenges and opportunities and are committed to being ready for both,鈥 adds Salazar.

The U.S. Census Bureau projects that by 2040, more than one in four Americans will be Hispanic, highlighting the growing influence of this community. According to the U.S. Latino GDP Report, if Latinos living in the United States were an independent country, their GDP would rank fifth in the world at $3.2 trillion, underscoring their significant economic impact.

Despite their contributions, disparities in pay and job opportunities persist for Hispanic and Latino workers. Initiatives aimed at providing better outcomes, including education and retraining programs that prepare and transition workers to new high-wage, high-demand employment, are crucial to addressing these disparities and ensuring sustainable incomes for Latino families.

鈥淎s a nation, we are stronger in unity of purpose and in the shared vision that our country鈥檚 history is inextricably linked to the integration of immigrants into the fabric of America,鈥 emphasized Salazar. 鈥淭ogether, we can ensure that the sheer number of Latinos in labor translates into economic advancement and opportunities for future generations.鈥

As 品凤楼 observes Cinco de Mayo 2024, it reaffirms its commitment to empowering Hispanic and Latino communities through education, training, and economic development initiatives. By breaking down barriers to workforce success, we pave the way for a more inclusive and prosperous future.