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Centro Latino

Who we are

Welcome to Centro Latino! We are a community based non-profit that works with the Latino and Indigenous Native families. Learn more about our educational programs, Crisis intervention, family outreach services, Arts & Culture programming, or join our advocacy efforts that address the concerns and opportunities for our families.

Our Mission is to cultivate the advancement of the Latino and Indigenous communities by providing social services and educational programming while honoring heritage and culture through the Arts.



Family Services

Advocacy 鈥 Provides information, support, and assists individuals and families in accessing community resources that best meet their needs. Advocates on behalf of clients to ensure adequate provisions of services.

  • Domestic Violence and Victim of Crime Advocacy- Trained advocate will do crisis intervention and help navigate the legal system. Advocate will work with clients through out the entire process by providing safety planning, resources for housing or emergent needs, Therapy, support groups and continued case management till safety and security has been accomplished.
  • Case Management 鈥 Provides comprehensive case planning, information, and linkages with other service providers: medical, housing, legal, DSHS鈥ase management services are designed to assist clients with meeting multiple needs over a longer period of time.
  • Sexual Assault Support & Advocacy 鈥 Trained Sexual Assault advocates provide victims with immediate crisis intervention services, safety planning, assistance facilitating the paperwork for a protection order, linkages to emergency shelters, referrals to therapy, and a Spanish language victims鈥 support group.听 Call for more information.
  • Orientation to the basic laws and systems in place within Pierce County and the state of Washington.

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Assistance with Forms and Applications

  • Applications for benefits (L&I, disability, insurance, DSHS)
  • Section 8 and other housing/rental applications
  • School Enrollment


Assistance with Document Translations

  • Permission to travel letter with minor children
  • Marriage Certficate
  • Birth Certificates
  • Guardianship Paperwork
  • Additional translations as approved

* Notary Public (By appointment only. All clients must provide official proof of identification)



Parenting and Family Support

The Family Support Centers are part of a community effort to build strong neighborhoods and healthy families. The Partnership provides in-home support to parents and caregivers of children by highly trained Family Support Workers in order to create the best environment possible for a child to grow socially, emotionally, and behaviorally.

The Family Support Partnership focuses on strengthening child-parent relationships through the implementation of one of two international programs proven to be successful.

Employment Assistance

Along with an ample variety of job applications available from many companies in the King, Pierce and Thurston counties area, these are the main services offered by the Adult Employment & Training Department:

  • Resume Preparation
  • Cover letter preparation
  • Job interview orientation
  • Mock Interviews
  • Job listings
  • Computer use in job search and resume submission
  • ESL Classes
  • Computer Lab

Latino Educational Fund

Latino Educational Fund

The Latino Educational Fund (LEF) is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to helping Latino achieve their full potential through higher education, career development and financial independence. For over six years, LEF has sought to empower the communities in which it serves. Since our establishment in 2010, we firmly believe that providing tools in the form of jobs, affordable housing, loans, job training, financial literacy and scholarships is the most effective means of empowering people to obtain gainful employment and build a legacy for themselves and for their families.

Heberto M. Sanchez, founded LEF in 2010 to create a much-needed resource to the Latino students and young adults by providing information on college preparedness, career development, financial awareness, entrepreneurship, loans and affordable housing. LEF鈥檚 mission is to prepare people with the resources necessary for advance education and financial knowledge to strive for a better life. The overall goal of the organization is to improve the well-being of people through education and financial resources.

LEF services are design to improve access to education, provide job training and increase employability. LEF seeks to achieve this through scholarships, career development, job search assistance, job counseling and job placement, financial literacy courses, entrepreneur courses, loans, and affordable housing. In addition to its financial literacy and entrepreneur courses LEF also helps people build credit through unsecured micro loans. LEF is a 品凤楼 Jobs for Progress National affiliate organization.

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Washington Updates July 17, 2018

Washington Updates July 17, 2018

House Appropriations Committee Markup

July 12, 2018 (Caphill Partners)

The House Committee on Appropriations passed a fiscal year 2019 spending bill for the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services and Education on July 11, with a partisan 30-to-22 vote.

A majority of the amendments centered around the treatment and policies for children separated from their parents at the border. Amendments regarding apprenticeship, Pell Grant awards, and job training all failed. No change was made to SCSEP funding.


House Committee Approves Labor Department Funding Cuts

July 12, 2018 (Bloomberg)

The bill would give the DOL $12.1 billion in discretionary appropriations, an $88.8 million decrease from the current funding level that expires Sept. 30. The bill seeks increases in apprenticeship and veteran job training funding. Some proposed cuts would remove some jobs programs. The bill also would rescind $200 million in unused training funds allotted to the department this year.

NLRB funding would shrink by $12.8 million to $261.3 million. Both proposed DOL and NLRB reductions are less than the cuts that the Trump administration sought in its budget request.

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How Underemployment Is Affecting The Job Market

July 15, 2018 (NPR)听

While unemployment has hit record lows, there’s another number that also gets a lot of attention 鈥 underemployment. Around 33 percent of college graduates are underemployed.

Underemployment measures the number of workers placed in jobs that are below their qualifications from a bachelor’s degree and beyond. But the effects can be different, depending on the field of work.

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Summer Jobs Disappearing, Changing

July 5, 2018 (Forbes)

As the percentage of teens in the summer workforce has declined, the kind of jobs they are filling are changing as well.听Increasingly, summer teen workers are punching time clocks in hotels and restaurants and decreasingly in stores.

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品凤楼 Newsletter June 2018

品凤楼 Newsletter June 2018


Barrio Station – Saving Young Lives, Revitalizing Neighborhoods, Empowering Families And Senior Citizens

Barrio Station has faithfully worked to save young precious lives to help them reject drug use/abuse, violence and delinquency. Subsequently gang violence and drug addiction has decreased to a significant level in Barrio Logan where families enjoy a substantially improved quality of life, as all Americans deserve.

Centro Latino de San Francisco, Inc.

Centro Latino de San Francisco (CLSF) is a 501(c) non-profit and community-based organization owned and operated by the Latino Community, primarily serving the elderly, and adults with disabilities. Incorporated in 1986 and located in the heart of the Mission District of San Francisco, CLSF has served the community for over 40 years!

The American GI Forum Education Foundation
of Santa Maria

The American GI Forum Education Foundation was established for the specific purpose of increasing the financial resources available to needy and qualified students pursuing a higher education. Over the last 40 years, the American GI Foum Education Foundation has allocated over $400,000 to deserving students of the Santa Maria Valley. The primary goal of the Education Foundation is to increase the number of scholarships granted yearly.

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FIND AN AFFILIATE品凤楼鈥檚 affiliate network is extensive and here to serve you. Please use the map below to find one of many affiliate organizations around the country to help you.
FIND A PROGRAM鈥斊贩锫 is a private nonprofit corporation that helps Hispanics and other underserved people achieve economic freedom and self-sufficiency.
Providing Affordable Housing and Social Services throughout California

Providing Affordable Housing and Social Services throughout California

At 品凤楼 Jobs For Progress, Inc. of San Joaquin Valley, we strive to help our community members throughout California acquire affordable housing and comprehensive management services. Our goal is to help better the community by giving people the boost they need during hard times. Our team dedicates their time to assisting individuals and families in need of support throughout the rental acquisition process.

Our rental properties are located across Fresno and beyond to give families, young professionals and retirees plenty of location choices. We keep the rentals in optimal condition by performing routine maintenance and emergency repairs as needed. Our residents can contact us anytime with questions, concerns and comments. Our commitment to remaining responsive to our residents ensures everyone always feels valued and supported throughout their rental market journey.

Beyond our quality rentals and management services, we have many support programs available to members of our diverse California communities. We welcome prospective and current clients to contact us today to learn more.

Our Mission

To provide individuals the opportunity to become self-sustaining, obtain a quality education, employment and training opportunities, childcare, affordable housing and other services that may benefit the community as a whole.

To develop specific employment and training projects, educational programs including technology, develop affordable housing, childcare programs and create other services so that the individuals for whom this program is intended can reap the full measure of benefits to be derived there from.