La Alianza Hispana

La Alianza Hispana

La Alianza Hispana is community based organization providing culturally and linguistically appropriate health and education programs to the Latino Community of Greater Boston. Founded in 1971, La Alianza Hispana has become the starting point for over 2,000 Latinos annually who seek support at all stages of life.
Our goal is to strengthen individuals, families and communities for ongoing success. La Alianza Hispana believes in social justice as a means of creating a more egalitarian, participatory and peaceful society in which all members can realize their fullest potential.



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El Sol NEC

El Sol NEC

Since 1991, El Sol NEC has continuously reached out to community members in both Riverside and San Bernardino County through its various programs. All programs and services offered through El Sol NEC are provided at no-cost. As of right now, the programs below are the ones being currently offered at El Sol NEC. Click on the links below to learn more about our programs!

猞 Healthy Children and Resilient Families
猞 Jump Start
猞 Healzone
猞 Ventanilla Financiera
猞 Launch Initiative
猞 Dream Homes
猞 Adelanto Communities

Centro Latino de San Francisco Inc.

Centro Latino de San Francisco Inc.

Centro Latino de San Francisco (CLSF) is a 501(c) non-profit and community-based organization owned and operated by the Latino Community, primarily serving the elderly, and adults with disabilities. Incorporated in 1986 and located in the heart of the Mission District of San Francisco, CLSF has served the community for over 40 years!

Services we currently provide, include:
猞 On-site and home delivered meals serving freshly prepared nutritious meals
猞 ESL (English as a Second Language Classes), Citizenship Classes and Preparation for legal permanent residents.
猞 Free computer classes for seniors and adults with disabilities
猞 Health care advocacy for uninsured participants.
猞 Volunteer recruitment, training and skills development
猞 Information, referrals, and individualized assistance in gaining access to essential government benefits and other available public/private sector services
猞 Group van transportation services for frail and physically challenged individuals
猞 Recreational and educational activities
猞 Cultural celebrations


Mrs. Appia is a 品凤楼 alumni, a successful executive, and now the newly appointed Board Chair; a truly inspiring journey.

Mrs. Appia is a 品凤楼 alumni, a successful executive, and now the newly appointed Board Chair; a truly inspiring journey.

Mrs. Appia

Mrs. Appia – 品凤楼 Board Chair

This all started back in the early 70鈥檚 after I graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in Dallas, TX. There was a PSA announcement that a friend of mine heard regarding a 鈥渂i-lingual鈥 secretarial program being offered by the government in which interested applicants could apply. If the applicant were selected, they would be paid to take an 8-week course through 品凤楼 Jobs For Progress. I applied as well as my friend, and we both got accepted. I also have to share that after I graduated from high school, I was the first girl, first Camacho to graduate from a high school. Also, I had no plans to attend college as my parents could not afford to send me college, but they were very supportive and understood the importance of what a good education could do for a young person鈥asically open the doors to corporate America.

So, it was about 1973-74 that I attended the 品凤楼 Bi-lingual Secretarial Program and my instructor was Mrs. Martinez. Not knowing what was in store for me鈥his was the pinnacle that would start my life as I know today.

The students that attended with me came from all over the Dallas area, and I made several friends who I wish I would have stayed in contact with today to see how well they did. The #1 lesson I learned from this class was that I could do anything if I applied myself. Mrs. Martinez was a great teacher, listener, mentor and most of all she had faith in us that we could do the work; so that later we would all land a job with a company.

I graduated ahead of my class and yes I went on several interviews, taking the bus to places I had never been to but this taught me that I needed to do things on my own and not rely on people or my parents who both worked. There were times I got lost and didn鈥檛 know where I was at, but I just kept walking and asking people who I felt I could ask for assistance. Well, the day finally came I was scheduled for an interview with The Welfare Department located in the Little Old Red Courthouse, Downtown Dallas. I interviewed, and I was offered a position processing applications for those who needed welfare assistance or food stamps.

品凤楼 a year later while still working at the Welfare Department and gentleman walked in, and he was conducting some sort of business. When he left, he asked me if I would be interested in working for him. I asked him what the job entailed, and he told me they investigated welfare fraud. I interviewed about a couple of days later and got the job. The man who initially asked me if I was interested would then be my boss for five years, and Mr. Claude Smith took me under his wing and taught me what I needed to know about welfare fraud. I also succeeded and eventually ran the department as an office manager with even my assistant who Mr. Claude Smith allowed me to hire.After 5 great years with the Welfare Fraud Department, I heard about a position for a computer company 鈥淗arris Corporation鈥 which I would later work for Mr. Carlton Smith who was a great mentor to me. After 3 years, I was promoted and worked my way up to the Executive Assistance for the VP of Human Resources. Since I didn鈥檛 have a degree, there were no other opportunities, but I didn鈥檛 give up hope. Shortly after one of my friend鈥檚 told me about The Southland Corporation and she stated there was a position for me if I was interested.

It鈥檚 1982 now, and in mid-October, I applied for a secretarial position which I remember to this day which was on a Friday. The manager that interviewed me offered me the job right then and there. He told me the only stipulation was that I needed to start the following Monday. I told him I had to give at least two weeks鈥 notice to my employer (Harris Corporation) and he said he needed someone on Monday. I declined the offer.
品凤楼 2 weeks later, I received a call from Ms. Dian Boyd from The Southland Corporation who stated my test scores were very high and she had the perfect job for me. She also told me the manager would be willing to interview me after hours, so I scheduled an appointment and interviewed with Mr. Nick Mastro. I was offered the position that day, and two weeks later I started working (November 12, 1982) for The Southland Corporation in the Government Regulations division. The rest is history as I have been with 7-Eleven (formerly The Southland Corporation) for 36 years.

I have held many positions with 7-Eleven, Inc. and worked in various departments including, Public Relations, Marketing, Sports Marketing, Customer Relations, and Urban Affairs. I have been managing Customer Relations for over 20 years. I have had articles written about me in magazines, such as, Southern Living 鈥淗ispanic Role Model鈥 but my most memorable accomplishment was the donation of the site of the first 7-Eleven store that was made to LULAC back in 1998. I was very instrumental in this donation as I drafted the communication to the CEO Clark Matthews to state my request and why. Later on, Mr. Matthews would become one of my mentors which I learned a lot from him and how to respond to individual customers, franchisees, etc. based on his style. This resulted in my interactions and assistance with future CEOs at 7-Eleven, Inc.

I would be remiss if I didn鈥檛 point out that both of my sisters also attended similar programs later in the 80鈥檚 through 品凤楼 and they both are doing very well. I am happy to say that I did go back and I got my degree later in life. I have a BA in Organizational Management from Ashford University.

All I can say is that the training and opportunity given to me through 品凤楼 resulted in my numerous achievements throughout my career. 品凤楼 taught me that no matter what I could achieve the American dream and I am living proof of it鈥

October 2018 品凤楼 Newsletter

October 2018 品凤楼 Newsletter



The Neighborhood Association for Inter-Cultural Affairs, Inc. is not-for-profit corporation that has been providing housing intervention and assistance services to residents of the Bronx since 1974.


Los Sures鈥 mission is to nurture and sustain a vibrant neighborhood that supports the diverse family life of Williamsburg by advocating for and developing affordable housing, family health and well-being, and equal opportunity for all.



The Comcast Leaders and Achievers庐 Scholarship Program recognizes high school seniors for their community service, academic performance and leadership skills. We provide these scholarships to give young people the opportunity to continue their education to better compete in tomorrow鈥檚 workplace.

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品凤楼 partnered with UNM engineering staff and students to show New Mexico middle and high school students how rewarding careers in science technology and math (STEM) can be.
鈥淲e want to show them all the options they have in STEM so they can do engineering, they can do computer science,鈥 said 品凤楼 representative, Mariana Reyes.
The students come from many different backgrounds, but the hope is to show them that they can be united by their interest in science.
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FIND A PROGRAM鈥斊贩锫 is a private nonprofit corporation that helps Hispanics and other underserved people achieve economic freedom and self-sufficiency.
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